First Wilde and Random Thoughts

Wilde and Random Thoughts

So I decided to start a blog. Why? Why not I guess. I missed the boat back when blogging was the territory of nerds and geeks, and then it became the domain of creative moms, crafters and family picture archivers. Now it is apparently as everyday common as tweeting how long it took your morning bacon and eggs to finish their epic colonic transit. Everybody else is doing it has rarely been a good enough reason for me, so there must be more than that.

I have always enjoyed, and had I think, some minor talent at writing. Small stories, longer stories, epic length wedding cards written on paper towel from the church bathroom, and the occasional internet diatrab for or against something that struck me as either important or ridiculous enough that somebody should try to point it out. I think I tend to be a deep thinker in many things, naturally try to consider both sides of a contentious argument, and seek to understand how and why others think differently than me. Whether or not I succeed at it will take a more discerning judge than I. Perhaps I wonder if my deep thoughts and considerations would be of interest to others, or I need to a forum to force myself to explore how deep or shallow they really are. Perhaps I just need a soapbox from time to time from which to shout about how awesome or ridiculous this or that is, and pretend I’m the best person to tell you why. Perhaps I need the occasional boost or drain to my own personal narcissism as the situation may warrant (isn’t that what personal blogs are all about?). Regardless of why, here it is, and checking the date of this post, the number of subsequent posts, and the current date will tell you how well I stuck with it. Potential topics may include but are not limited to: medicine, science, food, travel, religion, family, weird things I saw or thought of today, and so forth.

A little about me if you need or want it. I grew up the oldest in a large Albertan (Canada) family- one with grown kids and now several fistfuls of grandkids and counting. And more importantly, one that still likes and frequently visits one another. I myself am happily married, currently with a boy and two girls in that order, mostly school aged. I am a self-admitted, non-recovering nerd with a star-trek and Tolkienesque-fantasy based childhood, and presently suffer from occasional compulsive hobby reading of books about relativity, quantum physics and string theory (so long as they have a lot more words than equations I can follow some of them). I slogged through many years of post secondary school, but since they wouldn’t pay me to study, and I couldn’t stand the thought of a future writing endless grant applications, I eventually headed to medical school (well that’s not how I put it on my applications). I recently finished my residency training in family medicine with extra emergency medicine training, and now work as a full time emergency doctor, which has turned out to be a good fit. Having just been through the craziness that is a medical education, I am now trying to define just what exactly my hobbies are. I do enjoy hiking, camping and skiing. Certainly reading and writing, nerdy computer and electronic things, and long and complicated board games are in. I am also an active member of the LDS (Mormon) church, as is the rest of my family. I spent two great years in southern France in the late 90’s as a missionary for that church.

Enough about me- stay tuned for more riveting, edge of your seat posts in the future!

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